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This website offers you the possibility to handle paperwork and obtain certificates throughout the entire country of Spain conveniently and safely without ever leaving home. Find out all the information and documentation needed to manage property and company registrations, to find a notary or to manage vehicle reports.

You’re enabled to search the entire country of Spain for the nearest notary service and its location on the map. We also show you a complete registry listing of businesses and properties in Spain.

In the event that you would like us to take care of any matter for you, we offer you the opportunity to request a quotation with no obligation.

Paperwork and Certificates.Very quickly, easily and securely obtain the following certificates:

  • Vehicle history report of a vehicle with a number plate
    By providing the registered number plate of any vehicle, you can find out its current owner, the number of previous owners, if there is a lien or outstanding debt. We will forward you the report obtained from the Public Department of Traffic.

  • A Nota Simple or extract from the Land Registry
    The Nota Simple provides information on the legal status of a property (brief description, owner and liens or charges, if any).
    Obtain it here quickly and securely.

  • Report of ownership of real estate, location of properties
    If you would like to acquire information from all of the Registries of Spain as to goods and rights that a person or company has registered quickly and safely in a single step.

  • Negative Certification of a Corporate Name
    Obtain a Negative Certification quickly and securely from the Central Commercial Registry to reserve the name of your company during set-up.

  • Birth certificates
    Obtain a copy quickly and securely from the General Register Office of any Spanish native or foreigner born in Spain.

  • Marriage certificate
    Obtain a marriage certificate quickly and securely

  • Death certificate
    Obtain a copy of the death certificate quickly and securely from the General Register Office of any Spanish native or foreigner who died in Spain.
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